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PT Bukit Asam
PT Bukit Asam is the company that producing coal. the headquarter of the company is in Palembang, Indonesia. Starting from today, the company invite the best of man and woman in every part of Indonesia who have high motivation and integrity to join the company and develop themselves to be a Management Trainee in PT. Bukit Asam.

This Chance are open for anyone from major:
1. Mining Engineering
2. Geology Engineering
3. Geodesy Engineering
4. Chemical Engineering
5. Civil Engineering
6. Mechanical Engineering
7. Electrical Engineering
8. Industrial Engineering
9. Environmental Engineering
10.Informatics Engineering
11.Computer Engineering
12.Information System
13.Land Science
16.Development Study
18.Business Law
19.Communication Science
20.Industrial Psychology

General Requirement:
1.Indonesian Citizen man/woman
3.The major should be related with the educational background, not from educational major
4.GPA minimum is 2.75 (Scale of 4)
5.Not more than 28 years old (Must be born after July 31st, 2008)
6.Never braking the law and being in jail.
7.Never been fired by TNI/Polri, BUMN, BUMD, or private company.
8.Not a PNS
9.Ready to work in all assign place of PT. Bukit Asam operation.

Other Requirement:
1.Applicant should have an active email address. Because we do not serve the applicant who want to revise their email address.
2.Online available to apply online.
3.After the registration is complete we will send the notification to your email provided by you.
4.Only one registration for one person.
5.The data used for the registration have to used the real data because we will have document verification when you past this administration section.
6.This invitation will be last until July 31st, 2008
7.All application come after that date will be ignored.
8.Board decision is final decision.
9.Only the one who past the requirement will be informed.
10.For the one who pass the selection for every stage can see the announcement on the ppm-rekrutment.com
11.No correspondencies in this Management Trainee Recruitment
12.The one who pass the registration selection can see the anouncement on August 6th, 2008 on 18.00
13.Document verification will be held on August 9th and August 10th, 2008

To Apply for this vacancies

Visit Here
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  1. lamaran kerja
    syarat terlampir/ menyusul

  2. assalamu’alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh

    sya berkinginan melamar kerja
    syarat terlampir (menyusul)

  3. Chemical Engineering

    • hellan pramono
    • Posted Juli 31, 2008 at 5:16 pm
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    • zainal amri
    • Posted Juli 31, 2008 at 5:24 pm
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    lamaran kerja

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